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USC Consulting Berlin is a technology-oriented consultancy with a practical technological commitment. We specialize in project and organizational consulting for projects of German companies in Eastern Europe and Asia. Simultaneously we also support the market orientation of corporations from these regions in Germany.

USC Consulting Berlin is led by Prof. Ulf Stremmel. Throughout his career Ulf Stremmel ran the business of companies in the security industry and automation technology / service robotics and is an expert in the fields of project management, international sales organization and financing. The many years of experience in business operations in Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia, in-depth knowledge of the different industrial sectors and a continuously expanding network in business, politics and research are the basis for sustainable consulting results. As a consultant Ulf Stremmel defines himself as a reliable partner and always attaches great importance to a close, trusting business acquaintance.

Business activities

The Asian and Western European regions are already the biggest magnet for foreign direct investment of Western companies and will play a central role both as markets and as production, sourcing and development sites in the coming decades. Countries in these regions will continue to offer enormous growth potential for Western industrial company. Sustained success of projects, for example in Asia, however, requires a deep understanding of complex local realities and the constant adaptation to dynamically changing conditions. Our range of services addresses exactly these challenges and supports German, Asian and Eastern European companies with individual and cost-effective concepts and - the prevailing market conditions taken into account -  professional, dynamic and above all sustainable implementation on location.

Especially in the field of international market development, we focus on solutions that align specifically to your needs and are structured in the following sequence:

Sequence for a result-oriented market development:


Analysis of your current situation
Definition of industry-specific market characteristics and opportunities
Review of technology status and innovation level
Definition of Business Model


Development of a strategy and
offering customized consulting services that are available as options


Implemention of all measures and ongoing support

Our strength and ambition is the direct personal contact with optimal decision strategies and quick response. With high level of expertise, flexibility and a growing network of decision-makers in business, politics, public authorities and institutions we prepare for each individual situation a suitable solution. Please feel free to contact us.