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Technology transfer

Technology transfer

International technology transfer is often described as an engine of economic growth. A commitment to international markets is most successful when it is built on long-term partnerships. The use of proprietary innovative technology in the international market is often marked by knowledge transfer to local subsidiaries or joint-venture partners. For many companies, however, the protection of its technology on new markets is perceived as the greatest challenge. In addition to that, special laws, regulations or expensive certification procedures need to be observed and dealt with in the target countries, which can be time-consuming and costly and are mostly perceived as a big constraint.

Knowledge and technology transfer can only be subject to a sound business deal if it is conducted on a voluntary basis.

The risks associated with the international transfer of technology occur at various stages of engagement in different ways. Therefore the entire value chain, including suppliers will, clients and competitors as well as the employees should be included in measures of intellectual property rights management in order to combat counterfeiting and piracy effectively.

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